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The Coronavirus Outbreak- 2019

The Coronavirus Outbreak- 2019

Currently, the whole world is closely watching the latest updates regarding the new coronavirus outbreak-2019 also know as COVID-19. This disease has triggered a global level panic due to the number of deaths reported worldwide especially within the borders of China. World Health Organization has declared this as a global health emergency on January 30, 2020. This decision was taken after the initial cases of human-to-human transmission was confirmed outside of China.


The novel coronavirus of 2019 was first identified in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. This is a respiratory virus that tends to cause severe illness in the human respiratory system. The illness caused by this novel virus has now been officially named as the COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO). In this name the “19” stands for 2019 the year when it was identified, “COVI” stands for coronavirus, the “D” stands for the disease. The novel coronavirus itself is named “SARS-CoV-2”.


As of February 23rd, 2020, China has reported 2442 deaths and 76,936 infections (Source:

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses including the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) coronaviruses. This family of viruses is also the reason for the common cold.


Coronaviruses commonly circulate in animals. Some of the coronaviruses have the ability to transmit from animals to humans. This is defined as the “Spillover event”.

What does the term “Novel Virus” mean?

The term “Novel Virus” means that this is a “New Virus” which has not been identified before in earlier years. Thus, COVID-19 currently does not have a cure. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses and coronavirus outbreak-2019 belongs one of them. It is essential to understand that this specific coronavirus is not similar to the coronaviruses which normally circulate among humans.

How does the coronavirus illness COVID-19 spread?

It was identified that this coronavirus initially started spreading from an animal source to a human (zoonotic), particularly from bats.  But after this, humans who have not been in contact with animals also started getting infected which led the experts to believe that this respiratory virus has the ability to spread from person to person.


Thus, it is essential for the general public to be informed about the symptoms and the possible ways to protect themselves from getting infected.

What are the common symptoms of COVID-19 illness?

The common symptoms of this particular coronavirus can be identified as below. If a person is infected their initial symptom will be a fever. The fever will then be followed by a dry cough. In a week the patient will experience shortness in breath.


In more extreme cases the infection can also cause severe pneumonia, kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death. Most of the terminal cases were either suffering from underlying causes such as diabetics, hypertension or unable to cope with the infection due to old age.


It is commonly assumed that symptoms show up within 14 days of exposure to the coronavirus. But this is not confirmed and various sources state different incubation periods.


Anyone with the above symptoms should immediately go to the doctor for a thorough checkup.

How can you protect yourselves from getting infected?

Presently this novel coronavirus doesn’t have any cure. But by following the below preventative measures we can limit the possibilities of infection.


  • Refrain from touching your mouth, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid being in close vicinity to other people who are infected by the coronavirus.
  • Always have a tissue in hand to use during coughing and sneezing. Dispose of the used tissue in a proper manner.
  • Wash hands with either soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which has at least 60% alcohol.

It is recommended to wash your hands up to 20 seconds after using the bathroom, sneezing, and coughing.

  • There has been a common misconception that antibiotics medication can help us. But this is a FALSE Antibiotic medications work only against bacteria and not viruses.

Below are some of the other common myths surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. The Public should keep themselves updated regarding the latest developments and not fall prey for false news.


  • Myth: Drying your hands using hand dryers will not kill the coronavirus.


Reality: You should always wash your hands using soap or an alcohol-based hand wash.


  • Myth: Household pets such as dogs and cats can be a carrier of coronavirus


Reality: Currently there is no evidence to support the fact that cats and dogs can infect people with coronavirus. But as a good practice, it is always recommended to wash your hands after playing with or petting your pets.


  • Myth: Thermal scanners can detect if you are infected with the virus


Reality: No, thermal scanners can only detect your body temperature. If your body temperature is high due to a fever the thermal scanner can detect it. But if you are infected with the coronavirus and haven’t developed a fever then the thermal scanner will not be useful.

In Sri Lanka, there was only one patient confirmed and identified with the COVID-19 illness. The patient was of Chinese nationality. She was then kept under continuous monitoring and care of the Sri Lankan healthcare professionals at IDH (Infectious Disease Hospital) for nearly a month.


The reported patient has fully recovered and discharged from the hospital on February 19th 2020. It was stated that the Chinese national will return to China to reunite with her family. She also thanked the medical professionals who took care of her during her treatment.


Currently, the COVID-19 illness is affecting 33 countries including South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Italy, USA, Germany, UAE, France, Canada, and the UK. It has also affected the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship which is harbored in Yokohama, Japan.


As of February 23rd 2020, 38 new cases have been reported in Italy, 16 new cases in South Korea, 4 new cases in Japan and 2 new cases in Taiwan have been reported.  18 new cases and 1 new death have been reported outside of the Hubei province in China as on February 22nd 2020. (Source: www.worldometers.info


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What can high cholesterol cause

what is cholesterol

In this article, we are talking about what cholesterol is and how to check cholesterol and What can high cholesterol cause.

What is cholesterol 

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that our body needs. 

All the cholesterol that we need is naturally produced in our bodies. 

Cholesterol is essential for the production of 

hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, vitamin D in the skin, and digestion of some foods.

Cholesterol is an essential component of every cell wall.

How we get cholesterol


our body obtains cholesterol from the foods we eat

That is because of the vegan foods we eat and the bakery products that contain trans fats, and the biscuits and margarine.

When we eat a diet rich in saturated and trans fats, the liver begins to produce more cholesterol.

This increases the amount of cholesterol that is added to the blood.

What can high cholesterol cause

Increasing cholesterol binds to form clots.

These clots bind to the walls of blood vessels and block the blood vessels.

These clots rupture from the wall of the blood vessels and form blood clots.

When the clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain, it causes a stroke.

It is also called a heart attack if the blood supply to the heart is blocked.

In addition, excess fat accumulation in the liver can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Symptoms of high cholesterol

Most of the time, High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms.

Therefore, adults must check their cholesterol levels at least once every year.

How to check blood  cholesterol level

You need to fast for 9 to 12 hours to see blood cholesterol

That means there is no food, drinking, or medicine.

But you can drink water.

If you take your medication, you should take it before fasting begins.


If you Take a cholesterol report that contains several important data.

  1. LDL, or bad cholesterol
  2. HDL is good cholesterol
  3. Trygrisaride, also known as blood fat
  4. Total cholesterol is the sum of good and bad cholesterol
  5. Ratio – Total cholesterol/HDL


Since cholesterol is not soluble in water, it is constituent of proteins with LDL and HDL.

Causes of cholesterol increase

  1. Genetic effect
  2. Eating habits
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Diabetes 

How to avoid bad cholesterol

To prevent bad cholesterol, you need to change bad habits and certain life habits and sometimes use drugs.

Now you understand what cholesterol is and how to take care of it and What can high cholesterol cause.

If cholesterol is high, what measures should be taken?

In the next article, we will talk about how you can control your cholesterol by adding a few things to your diet.

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Foods contains two times more protein and calcium than meat

In this article, we are going to talk about mainly five foods that contain two times more protein and calcium than meat.
There are a lot of people around the world becoming vegetarian or vegan these days. Still, most people think that there is not much protein in a vegetarian diet, so you should only eat non-vegetarian food to build a body.
But this is entirely wrong, with the below five foods that we are going to talk about below you can get two times more protein and other nutritious substances than meat.
Please read the article till the end.

more protein and calcium than meat

What are the five things that contain two times more protein and calcium than meat

1) Peanuts

Peanuts are a good source of protein. You can find quality peanuts from the market places or peanuts butter.

Do you know that 100 grams of peanuts contain 24 grams of protein, whereas 100 grams of chicken contains only 15 to 16 grams of protein?

2) Paneer

Paneer is a fresh cheese prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. It is an unaged, non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling milk with a fruit- or vegetable-derived acid, such as lemon juice. Its acid-set form (cheese curd or acid-set cottage cheese) is called chhena.

You can prepare Paneer by adding food acid, such as lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid, or dahi (yogurt),[14] to hot milk to separate the curds from the whey. The curds are drained in muslin or cheesecloth, and the excess water is pressed out. Then Paneer is dipped in chilled water for 2–3 hours to improve its texture and appearance.

Especially vegetarian people, you will be happy to know that 35 grams of protein are available in 100 grams of Paneer, and it is two times more than chicken.

3) Almonds 

Almonds are full of protein and other nutritious substances. If protein is deficient in your body, then you start eating only five almonds. The deficiency of protein in your body will begin to go away. 

4) Gram

You probably do not know that horses eat most of the gram because it is the highest calcium found in gram because of which the bones of the horse remain strong. If you also start consuming grams, then you do not have any problem related to bones.

5) Rajma 

You may have eaten Rajma rice many times, but you are unknowingly eating protein, you would not do not know that about 40 grams of protein is available in 100 gram of Rajma.

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Eat 2 Dates per day see how change Your Body

Benefits of Dates

Dates are specific small fruits of the date palm tree, grown in tropical climates. Honestly, eating Dates can help with constipation, weight loss and good for diabetes – except that they are a lot healthier. Dates are concentrated their sweetness and give them a pleasing chewy texture and Dates are frequently sell dried.

There are many nutritional benefits of eating dates. Only one 3.5 ounce portion has about

  1. 20% of your daily requirement for potassium 
  2. 7 grams of Fiber
  3. 2 grams of protein, 
  4. several types of antioxidants
  5. Dates also contain a nice amount of copper, manganese, vitamin B6, magnesium, and iron.

You can identify fresh Dates with their bright red or bright yellow in colour (or somewhere in between), but dried dates typically have a golden brown hue. We can find actually over 3,000 varieties of Dates worldwide! But the most commonly consumed types are Medjool and Deglet Noor.

Despite the variety you choose, and even they are dried or fresh, dates offer some really great health benefits. Try eating just 2 of them every day for one week and see what happens to your body. We’ve collected some of the most exciting possibilities, but honestly, #5 is almost enough all on its own!

dates good for diabetes
dates good for diabetes

Eat 2 Dates for weight loss

  1. Important Disease Prevention

Dates have been found to have the highest level of several types of antioxidants of all related fruits, including figs and plums.

Antioxidants are compounds capable of binding with and neutralizing free radicals in the body. Free radicals tend to cause cellular damage until they are neutralised, which increases the risk of many common diseases. The three most potent antioxidants in dates are as follows:

  • Flavonoids: Flavonoids are antioxidants known to reduce inflammation in the body. They have been extensively studied and found to reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and some kinds of cancer.
  • Carotenoids: Carotenoids are antioxidants that do a lot to support the health of your heart; they may also work to keep your eyes healthy by lowering the risk macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Phenolic acid: Another strong anti-inflammatory, phenolic acid is thought to reduce your risk of developing heart disease or cancer.

Diet high in antioxidant foods goes a long way toward maintaining your overall health and prevent Chronic inflammation is a factor in pretty much every disease known to man. So Dates are one such food helps weight loss.

2. Sustained Energy

Dates don’t spike your blood sugar Even though they are quite sweet, That because of fiber once again that deserves the credit. Fiber slows digestion and evens out the rate at which the sugar in dates hits your bloodstream. You won’t have a spike and subsequent crash when you enjoy dates, but rather a sustained source of energy which helps for weight loss as well.

So despite their candy-like taste, dates are considered a low-glycemic food, meaning that they score low on the test that measures how quickly blood sugar rises after eating specific foods.

Eat 2 Dates per day to help with constipation

3. More beneficial digestion

As we know, fiber is a critical component of healthy digestion process despite that fact that we don’t digest it. Instead, fiber adds bulk to your stools and dates help with constipation. It sounds crazy, but that actual fiber helps your body push waste through the colon and eliminate it more easily and regularly.

Fiber should be added gradually to the diet lest it causes very constipation you’re trying to prevent, that is adequately done by Dates which is having 7 grams of fiber per 3.5 ounces serving, so they’re a great way to add more to your diet. You can even have them with your oatmeal, chop some up and sprinkle them on it for an even bigger boost, but it is best to work up to this meal. 

4. Slower Age-Related Mental Decline

Even though it’s hard to protect your brain from the ravages of ageing-related mental decline, There are lots of ways to challenge your mind and keep it sharp. But you should know that all of them rely on proper nutrition to maintain clear pathways in the brain. You can have Dates have been found to lower inflammatory markers in your grey matter that are associated with higher rates of Alzheimer’s.

Also, there are a lot of studies done using animals indicate that dates have the potential power to prevent the formation of amyloid beta-protein plaques in the brain.

When these plaques form, they disrupt communication between brain cells and cause cells to die at a faster rate. Other animal studies found that mice fed a diet, including Dates had better learning ability, a longer memory, and less anxiety-related behaviours.

Eat 2 Dates per day good for diabetes

5. Less Reliance on White Suga

You know that overconsumption of sugar is a severe health crisis that doctors think is fueling the obesity epidemic. Refined sugars are put into so many foods, under so many different trade names, that even people who are trying to eat more healthfully may fall victim to it. If you are truly committed to reducing your sugar intake, it’s best to eat home-cooked meals almost exclusively.

You can also substitute dates for sugar in many recipes which are an excellent replacement for sugar. Eating them whole is a nice sweet treat. Prepare a paste by blending dates and water in a blender and then you can use it as a substituted 1:1 for sugar in whatever you’re cooking. Date paste contains high calories dietary fiber and antioxidants which is refined white sugar does not, which make Dates good for diabetes.


Even though Dates are an excellent addition to your daily diet, we recommend sticking to about two, just because they are high in calories. Luckily, that is plenty to reap the considerable health benefits. The nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants make dates one treat you don’t have to feel guilty about.


  1. chop them up for salads or oatmeal
  2. use date paste instead of sugar in day today cookings,which is good for diabetes

Finally, the result will be a healthier body and mind as well as the sustained energy you need to power through your day. So what are you waiting for? There are 3,000 kinds to choose from!

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How to Reduce Neck Fat for a Smarter look through Exercises

how to reduce neck fat

Are you worrying on extra few kilos in your body? Definitely, overweight peoples are usually worrying about their appearance than fitness. But, do you have ever heard that it is easy to regain the smarter look once you settle the fitness and related muscular properties. So, today, let’s have a look at the common issue related to obesity which is known as the double chin. Often, the extra fat pads deposited under the neck can disturb your well-looking appearance. Further, it can even restrict the breathing and jaw movements by causing fatigue and difficulty in swallowing. Sometimes, this is known as the main reason for snoring as well. So, most of the people used to find out the solutions for how to reduce neck fat through varying kinds of resources. Thus, we planned to discuss a little on this fact under the main discussing point on today’s discussion.

How to reduce neck fat without affecting neck movements

Reducing fat always has two-sided feedbacks. The first one is you could be able to cut down extra kilos of fat but at the same time, you will lose a considerable percentage of muscles as well. Or else, you may only lose either fat or muscles.

But, if you lose muscles in, either way, it will definitely lead to neck weakness. So, you will feel the difficulty of moving the neck to lack of muscular support. At the same time, eventually, you will feel like stiffed neck muscles due to inactivity.

That is why you have to follow the perfect strategies of losing only the extra amount of fat without harming to muscle properties.

3 the Best Exercises as a Guide for How to Reduce Neck fat

Activities with a small rubber ball

First, take a small ball with a diameter of five to six centimetres and place it in between your chin and the neck. Now, gently press the ball from chin for 20-30 times per session. Likewise, you have to continue at least three to five sessions a day. Please be aware to take precautions if you already have neck pain and difficulties.

Stretching of the jaw

You can add stretching as a fat reduction activity for this case. So, fists, lift your head and see upward until you feel stretching feeling in between chin and the neck. Now, repeat mouth opening and mouth closing for about twenty to thirty times for three to five sessions per day for faster results.

Do not forget vowels

The vowel sounds or “A, E, I, I, U” in English had the power to activate your neck muscles. So, use these five sounds in its natural forms to burn the fat deposited in your neck. Usually, you have to sound one letter at least fifteen times at once. The total sessions should be the same as to the above guidelines.

The outlook

No doubt, if you are one who always searching for how to reduce neck fat, here are the summary of all possible answers. But, there are lot’s to know if you are expecting to totally stay away from double chin. So, we hope to publish each and every awesome facts in a detailed guide through our next posts. Hence, we invite you to keep reading our site to know the most effective things at first.

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Know the Essential oil for High Blood Pressure to be healthy

essential oils for high blood pressure

Hypertension is one of a commonest medical problem among all the people all over the world. Actually, there is no racial or regional limitation for this condition. It means we everyone living in this universe has the possibility to suffer from this disease condition unless we really paid our attention to caring techniques. Probably, these caring methods include dietary modifications physical activities and maintaining mental wellbeing by coping up with daily stresses. Further, when considering the foods we are consuming in our daily life, we have to think of avoiding salt and oily products as much as possible. Actually, this kind of good practices will serve better for controlling all other non-communicable diseases. However, a few numbers of research is supporting the usage of essential oil for high blood pressure may reduce the exposing risk for this condition.

So, according to those studies, we have found a few types of oil which are known as the best solution to stay away from this medical issue.

How Essential oil for High Blood pressure can help you?

Basically, most of the oil varieties we are using in this purpose have the aromatic features. So, it will help you to keep calm and happier mental status. At the same time, some of the therapeutic properties can help you to maintain the pressure provided by blood vessels in an optimal condition.

So, it is recommended to use those oil varieties as it’s original forms or by combination with other types of oil. But, you have to do this combination techniques by following the latest shreds of evidence to avoid adverse effects. This is a very much important fact as we are dealing with a critical medical issue.

How to select the best Essential oil for High Blood Pressure?

The limited researches in this field have become a barrier to find out the best combinations of oil to offer instant relief from the associated problems. But, you can utilize the available few studies to select the best oil varieties to stay away from this condition. However, we have selected a list of such effective solutions for you. So, you can find those through the rest of the content.

What are the recommended oil varieties for this purpose?

Almond oil

This is basically rich with good fat or saturated fat. So, it will not lead to cholesterol-related issues inside your blood vessels. Thus, this is known as the ideal selection of cooking oil for home use.

Coconut oil

Actually, there are certain myths and beliefs about using coconut oil in the main meals. However, the latest researches are supporting the advantages of using coconut oil on the basis of one time per day. But, pay your attention only to use a pure form of this oil for faster results. At the same time do not use once used oil for any cooking purposes once again. That is why the studies are saying you to use home-prepared or recommended brands for effective results. Further, avoiding fast foods will also help you to follow certain precautions.

Sunflower oil

The oil extracted from sunflower seeds are also have proven benefits on this condition and other related issues.

The last lines

Even though there are certain myths regarding usage of varieties of oil for this condition treatment options among the normal populations, scientific research is supporting this fact in a positive way. So, we invite you to try the above-mentioned oil varieties to have a positive change in your disease. Further, if you need more details regarding the effective treatment options, we invite you to keep reading our upcoming posts.

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3 The Best Essential Oil for Cold Sores in your lips

essential oil for cold sores

The cold sores are not unfamiliar disease condition in this society. Even though there are so many advanced medicinal techniques, still, there is no one perfect treatment option for this condition. Actually, this is a viral attack caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. It also is known as the HSV. So, once this microbe attacked you will notice one or a few fever blisters around your lips. If you didn’t take actions to control the spread, the viral attack may grow rapidly with certain triggers. These triggers include exposing to the environment, stressful conditions and general body hormonal changes. Basically, air pollution and sunlight can trigger the spread of the virus all over the body. So, traditionally, the people who faced for this viral attack used to use essential oil for cold sores and spend the days inside the closed rooms until the virus is going away from the body.

So, they could be able to manage the condition very easily. Hence let’s see what are those oil treatments and how it affects on curing.

The tea tree oil is a good healing Essential oil for cold sore

The oil extracted from tea leaves are known as the best choice for this case. But, it is not recommending to apply it directly over the young skin as it can cause skin damages. Actually, it can lead to itchy skin, reddish colour skin and sometimes a mild burning sensation. So, you must soften it with regularly used oil variety. Then, use a clean and soft cloth to apply this oil mixture on the affected spots. But, do not use it over the normal textured skin as it can lead to some disturbances.

Try peppermint essential oil for fever blister for fast results

We know, the peppermint oil has unique features to keep calm your skin. So, early application of this oily option for young living skin cells can minimize the growth of this particular virus through its resistance properties. However, you have to reduce the concentration of the pure form of it by mixing with any of the regular oil forms we have mentioned above. Except that you may use oil extracted from jojoba too to soften it.

You can use Sandalwood oil as well…

Sandalwood is a common ingredient in most of the beauty products. Except that most of the young ladies used to use the powder extracted trough this herbal component to make home care remedies. Similarly, recent studies have proved its benefits in treating the cold sires caused by this particular virus. So, you may try this if any other method described above is not working for you or else if you couldn’t find try things described above. But, here also the dilution is a mandatory factor.


this condition is troublesome and can disturb you your normal lifestyle through making cosmetic issues, you have to find the essential oils for cold sores. Otherwise, you would not be able to get faster and effective results. At the same time, late address for this condition may cause facial scars as well.  Well, so far, we have discussed the three most awesome such solutions for your reference. Thus, we invite you to try all the methods given above for faster recovery. You may also refer the details for a friend who suffers from this as well. At the same time, do not forget to check our updates for hidden herbal treatments like this.

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19 Weeks Pregnant Women – The Best Guide for a Happy Delivery

19 Weeks Pregnant

The pregnancy is not just another life stage which is common for all. Especially, women are the ones who luckiest to hear the word “pregnant mother”. It means now they are readying to deliver a new life. So, once the baby takes the first breath, they will start the journey of their life under the seldom of this great women called mother. Actually, this scenario is equally validated for the animals as well. However, the time taking to deliver a new life may vary in accordance with the animals. Hence, since humans can think beyond the wild animals, they used to analyze each and every stage of their baby by separating tummy period into weeks. So, what will be the changes that a mother will have to face as 19 weeks pregnant women? Well, let ‘s further discuss this fact by using the next half of this writing.

The common questions among 19 weeks pregnant mothers

The meaning of reaching 19 weeks of pregnancy is, there are only another twenty-one weeks to see your baby. So, you have to be prepared. And also, women will feel lots of difficulties within this short period of time. Hence, often these mothers have certain doubts which can seriously affect their mental status. Let’s see a bit on a few such questions and the possible answers for future mothers.

How much my baby has grown?

Yes, your baby is now a well-grown fetus. The average length of it is around fifteen centimetres and he is weighted about one point twenty-three kilograms. Further, the physiological systems also started to build up during this week. But, there are a lot of stages are there to reach the final stage of delivery. Hence, you have to be careful until you see his or her face.

How to cope up with the pains and breathing difficulties?

Probably, the back pain and general body pain are common complains after about four to five months. So, the rest of the period will be the most difficult period.

Hence, if you are thinking to cope up with these issues, you have to always follow the advice describes by health care professionals. Probably, a physiotherapist will a range a regime of exercises to ease off these pains. At the same time, the breathing exercises will help you a lot to manage pregnancy-induced shortness of breath and frequent fatigue.

What are the measures to ensure the safety and nutrition of my baby

The nutrition is an important measure for a healthy baby. So, do not forget to follow the advice of childcare dietitian to ensure the happy growth of your fetus.

How to look after 19 weeks pregnant mother?

Actually, we are planning to discuss this section by targeting the husbands and family members. So, if you are a pregnant mother who reads this alone, it is better to share this piece of content with your husband as well.

This is a common challenge for most of the husbands and family members. Actually, they have to care about their lovely wives and also the baby. So, it is really necessary to be prepared with mental status and physical strength.

The first and foremost thing you have to identify is, now your wife is not fit well as before. At the same time, she bearing an additional weight in her body. Not only that, she is facing a number of the new challenge and strange physiological status for months. So, she needs your help.

If you did not understand this fact, you may expect the same effort she put your daily routine. Sometimes, this can make problems with each other. But, if you could understand the difficulties and physiological changes happening inside her body, you may smoothly deal with daily challenges. Isn’t it?

How is your baby getting ready to face for future?

The next thing to know for husbands is, now your baby is getting ready to hear your songs and roaming with you. So, you have to think of your little prince or princes as well. Thus, do not forget to spend some time to chat him or her. Further, always you have to think about how your baby should be in future. The 19 weeks pregnant belly time is a very good period to train him before seeing this world. Actually, the researchers have proved the reality of this myth.

The outline

Actually, the 19 weeks pregnant women have to face so many challenges during their pregnancy. So, the family and the mother has a collective responsibility to care for their baby for about another twenty-one weeks. We believe all the facts we mentioned here will help you with this. But, we hope to share more details in future. Hence, do not forget to read our contents frequently.

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10 Healthy and Delicious Toddler Breakfast Ideas 2019

Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Since the world is passing an extremely fastest technical era, our kids should have the strength to build their future in accordance with that. So, it is really important to establish proper guidelines to ensure a healthy lifestyle. At the same time education is also an important fact. But, as an overall factor, nutrition is the most vital thing to establish both brain capacity and physical fitness in order to allow them to enjoy an awesome lifestyle. That is why we have to discuss the best practices of kids foods. No matter, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, it should be healthy and clean. Especially, when it comes to toddlers, they usually used to experience anything they found just by tasting. So, in addition to toddler breakfast ideas or meal plans, you must pay attention to the place they are playing and around it. Hence, we have to discuss a littoral one this fact as well.

But, today we are going to provide some data by mostly focusing on best practices of preparing the morning meal.

How to know the perfect toddler breakfast ideas

You may be able to gather knowledge on this in several ways. We know, as a mother, you may have a rough idea with your experiences. Sometimes, the grand people will also guide you towards most accepted food recipes for years. Yes! Probably all those are true and can approve to some extent. But, since we are living in a more scientific era, it is better if you can implement those meal plans through well-recognized guidelines. Isn’t it? Thus, we recommend the following ways to have a clear understanding of the best food choices for your kid.

Medical advice

No doubt, since the medical experts have the knowledge of physiological functioning, they will provide the best advice. But, in here, you should be strategic to meet the suited person. It means, there may not be any help to meet an orthopaedic expert in this case. Instead of that, you have to channel a paediatrician or a dietitian who has experience in childcare. Sometimes, the general nurses will also give some advice for you. However, since they are not specialised in dietary practices, it will be better to think a bit beyond that.

Family health care workers

The family caregivers are having some information which will helpful for your purpose. So, once they visit your place do not miss to gather the details on how to look after the kid and how to feed them. Actually, these discussions will help you to identify the missed but vital factors to ensure happy growing of your child.

Accepted journals and web articles

Well, at last, if we are living in a technically advanced era, why we are not focusing on the web-based and trusted sources. Yes! You may follow certain web pages which have general acceptance in a medical setup.

7 commonest toddler breakfast ideas for lovely mothers


This is known as a pool of nutrients which you prepare it along with a cup of milk. So, if you are willing to prepare this recipe, keep a cup of oats to soak overnight with water. Then, you may add milk, cinnamon, salt and lime as your preferences. Since this is enriched with most of the important vitamins and minerals, it is ideally working as the best choice for about two days a week.

Fruit smoothies

You may use varying kind of fruits to prepare smoothies. But, we are recommending you to feed them using a mix of fruit smoothie. So, it will provide a loaded nutrient profile for your kids.


Since eggs are known as protein storage, it will offer all the essential amino acids to ensure the growth of your kid. Probably, boiled eggs are preferred with a spoon of blended rice.

Kid’s Cookies

The texture of cookies may be an interesting thing for your kid. So, it will be easy to feed soaked cookies with milk. Since you are using specially prepared kid’s label, it is enriching with almost all the nutrients. Hence, this will be a balanced diet for your kids.


These are a good selection of breakfast to see the happy smile of your child. Further, you can prepare those in different flavours, your kid will definitely love these small tasty balls. So, you may be able to have some extra hugs as well!

The outline

Among the number of important factors to consider about kids, the toddler breakfast ideas are important. It will not only help you to keep your child in a happy mode but also it will ensure safe growth as well. However, we know, there are lots to discuss your kids. So, we promise you to meet again with awesome writing. Until that, you may check our updates for interesting facts!

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When to and How to Induce Vomiting to Reduce Further Complications

how to induce vomiting

We always hate the feeling of vomit since it is an unpleasant and bad experience.  But, this is not something we can control through our voluntary functions. Actually, when a strange thing is there inside the human body, there are higher chances to reject those particles. As a result of this phenomenon, you may feel vomits. So, even though we are not like it when your body rejecting the things you eat or drink, you will have to experience this matter. But, do you know there are some occasions which you have to induce this feeling forcefully. However, since people are not familiar with those occasions and how to induce vomiting to save your life, we are losing a considerable percentage of younger day by day. So, let’s start a discussion to share these important facts throughout the world. Thus, we invite you to keep reading us until the ending point to gather more info related to this.

3 most vital causes to work on how to induce vomiting

When a child shallow something larger

This is most important for mothers since they are caring for a child. Actually, a small child or infant do not have a clear idea about the surrounding things. So, they usually, trying to experience each and everything they find at their home. Hence, they used to easily put everything into the mouth and swallow. Thus, in here the mother should have a clear idea on the way to promote vomiting to take it out.

In case of poisoning

The poisoning has become a major cause of death in this era among younger. Probably, the problems in workstation, personal matters and fear if facing exams have become the major reasons behind this. So, do you think it is worth enough to let it go to live from its younger ages? That is why you have to have a clear idea of this as a normal individual.

For medical practitioners

No doubt, when there is the emergent case most of the people used to seek medical help immediately. So, often, they are not even taking basic precautions. Thus, they will expect everything to dine by you. Hence, if you are a medical person you should have enough knowledge and confidence to take actions in this case. At the same time knowing basic life resuscitation techniques will also help you to save a life.

Follow these steps to remember how to induce vomiting

First of all, call for help. Next, give tour maximum effort to take it out. But, the wrong practices may lead to so many problems at the end. So, it is important to understand the extent you have to know and what you can do.

At the same time, so not forget the most basic things. Hence, if the victim can remember the things or if you can observe the things around, you have to note down the type of poison or the possible thing they have swallowed. Further, the amount that they have consumed may also important in this case. Actually, all this information will greatly help to the hospital or primary health care management.

Next; do not leave the victim, until he or she’s getting help.

Know these possible bad effects of promoting vomits forcefully

Yes! Sometimes you have to forcefully promote this process out of physiological reactions to save the lives. But, you must know the following bad effects may be coming behind your action. So, immediately after confirming the life saving, you have to consider to prevent or settle these factors as well.

No doubt, even you take all the safety method, this process will damage most of the tissues inside the food pathway.

Next; there is a higher risk to dehydrate after vomiting all the fluid that was inside the stomach.

If it takes too long a period to take any action the HCL in the tummy and the poison may react and may do lots of harmful things when it coming back.

The most dangerous thing is a risk to aspirate what you have drunk to your respiratory system. Actually, this may even lead to death.

Sometimes there may have a risk to chemical burns as well. This is due to the acidic nature of most of the poisons.

The outlook

At last, it will be the best and most suitable options to work on how to induce vomiting to manage poisoning and related issues. But, if you do not perform this process early as possible and with the best safety measures, it may cause severe problems. So, we think these information will help you as the most basic guidance. But, we hope to met you sooner with more details. Thus, do not forget to check our updates!