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Can Dead Tooth and Related Problems Disturb to Cosmetic Appearance

Dead Tooth

Since the outlook is one of a major factor in our personal lives, we have to care on each and everything related to it. The hair, face, teeth and the way of smiling, the pattern and fashion of the clothing along with other accessories will make your external body. So, if there are changes in these factors, it can severely affect for this personal look. But, do not worry, since we are living in a technically advanced era, reliable solutions are there. Hence, today we are going to give some facts for people who are suffering from a dead tooth. We believe, these facts may help them to think beyond the traditional frame and find answers for their burning problems. We know, teeth are very much special in eating, chewing and social interactions. Thus, you must know these facts to ensure the safety of your pleasant smile!

What are the possible reasons for a dead tooth

Basically, you may expose to this condition due to varying causes. The first one is severely damaged accidents. Especially, road traffic accidents are the leading causes for it due to negligence to wear seat belts. So, your jaw area will hit into dashboards and it may lead to tooth injuries.

Secondly, prolonged bad oral hygiene may also cause the same problems. So, the bacteria will colonize in your mouth by destroying the healthy texture of the tooth. So, it will penetrate into the root and may damage the root.

Next! Negligence to treatment is also a common cause behind this case. Actually, when there is any problem related to your oral cavity, it is better to seek the help of a dentist. But, when you neglect all those disturbing feelings it can even progress up to a very bad stage. So, the best thing is knowing the varying kind of signs related to this condition. Then, you can take preventive actions as soon as possible. Isn’t it?

What you will feel in case of Dead tooth?

Basically, these changes are starting with pain. But, we specify the type of pain you may experience. Actually, it can vary from patient to patient. Often, the pain over the tooth is common. In addition to that pain radiating along the gums is also common among the majority of sufferers. Sometimes, you may feel pain only on palpating the nasal cavity ( only when front teeth are affecting). This can be the earliest sign. So, you are the only one to identify this abnormal sensation. Probably you may notice this kind of pain when brushing the teeth or when applying cream or something in your face. Since most of the people misdiagnosed it as an early sensation of a pimple, they are easily neglecting it.

Further, the smelly breath, bad taste of saliva and feeling of numbness is also common in this case. So, when you feel any abnormality, the ideal way is visiting the dentists. Since they are the experts in diagnosing the related problems, they will analyze you in every aspect. Hence, you can come into a conclusion easier than letting it to progress with home remedies.

Actually, the recent studies have shown that home remedies can do nothing other than maintenance of the condition for a short period until you get medical help. So, preferably, the ideal treatments regime is the root canal. It means, the dentist will make a hole and fill the dead space with a calcium solution. That is it.

how long can a dead tooth stay in your mouth

Often, the symptoms may last up to days, months or years. So, the time period the tooth can last with these changes may depend upon personal factors and the effectiveness of treatments.

Will it lead to permanent removal of the tooth?

Actually, it varies. If you wait until the end stage, probably you will have to remove it. At the same time, the bacterial infection may also be a cause of removal. This is due to the risk of spreading infection along with other teeth and oral cavity. So, it is your responsibility to avoid the progression of it. Then only you can keep your own tooth. Otherwise, you will have to go for an implant or bridge.

The outline

The dead tooth can cause several cosmetic issues as the whitish colour of it is the symbol of a pleasant smile. So, we always recommend you to follow medical treatments just after facing for an injury or having an episode of infection. Further, if you need to know further info regarding this and the details like this, we invite you to keep updating with us!