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3 The Best Essential Oil for Cold Sores in your lips

essential oil for cold sores

The cold sores are not unfamiliar disease condition in this society. Even though there are so many advanced medicinal techniques, still, there is no one perfect treatment option for this condition. Actually, this is a viral attack caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. It also is known as the HSV. So, once this microbe attacked you will notice one or a few fever blisters around your lips. If you didn’t take actions to control the spread, the viral attack may grow rapidly with certain triggers. These triggers include exposing to the environment, stressful conditions and general body hormonal changes. Basically, air pollution and sunlight can trigger the spread of the virus all over the body. So, traditionally, the people who faced for this viral attack used to use essential oil for cold sores and spend the days inside the closed rooms until the virus is going away from the body.

So, they could be able to manage the condition very easily. Hence let’s see what are those oil treatments and how it affects on curing.

The tea tree oil is a good healing Essential oil for cold sore

The oil extracted from tea leaves are known as the best choice for this case. But, it is not recommending to apply it directly over the young skin as it can cause skin damages. Actually, it can lead to itchy skin, reddish colour skin and sometimes a mild burning sensation. So, you must soften it with regularly used oil variety. Then, use a clean and soft cloth to apply this oil mixture on the affected spots. But, do not use it over the normal textured skin as it can lead to some disturbances.

Try peppermint essential oil for fever blister for fast results

We know, the peppermint oil has unique features to keep calm your skin. So, early application of this oily option for young living skin cells can minimize the growth of this particular virus through its resistance properties. However, you have to reduce the concentration of the pure form of it by mixing with any of the regular oil forms we have mentioned above. Except that you may use oil extracted from jojoba too to soften it.

You can use Sandalwood oil as well…

Sandalwood is a common ingredient in most of the beauty products. Except that most of the young ladies used to use the powder extracted trough this herbal component to make home care remedies. Similarly, recent studies have proved its benefits in treating the cold sires caused by this particular virus. So, you may try this if any other method described above is not working for you or else if you couldn’t find try things described above. But, here also the dilution is a mandatory factor.


this condition is troublesome and can disturb you your normal lifestyle through making cosmetic issues, you have to find the essential oils for cold sores. Otherwise, you would not be able to get faster and effective results. At the same time, late address for this condition may cause facial scars as well.  Well, so far, we have discussed the three most awesome such solutions for your reference. Thus, we invite you to try all the methods given above for faster recovery. You may also refer the details for a friend who suffers from this as well. At the same time, do not forget to check our updates for hidden herbal treatments like this.