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Should You Buy the iPhone 11 Pro?


In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have reached new heights in introducing mind-boggling software and hardware specifications to their devices. Apple and Samsung are the front runners in the chase to attain the hearts and pockets of the modern smartphone consumers.iPhone 11 Pro is the latest of the apple family.

Buying a new smartphone is a personal experience. Choose wisely because you are going to make a huge investment. Once you have chosen your smartphone it’s smart to buy a screen protector and a robust case. This will protect your device from unexpected accidents.

Before you purchasing a Smartphone

It is hard to decide which smartphone to purchase when there are so many options in the market. But if you are an enthusiast of the Apple products and require a smartphone with upgraded specs then you should consider buying one of the smartphones from the new iPhone 11 line up.

Apple released its flagship iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max in September 2019. The iPhone 11 is priced at $699, iPhone 11 Pro at $999 and the ultimate monster of the package iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at $1099. Considering Apple’s previous price tags, these seem to be priced with reasonable price tags. iPhone Pro and Pro Max are devices worthy of their names.

Tip: Before purchasing a smartphone try to answer the below questions yourselves.

  • What is your purpose to buy a new smartphone?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need an upgrade or are you looking for the same specifications which your current device has?
  • What are the smartphones which satisfy both your device specifications and budget?
  • Which brand of the smartphone are you most interested in? E.g. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC
  • Are you looking to utilize your new phone for multi-tasking or just for taking calls and instant messaging?

If you are an Apple enthusiast, then it’s a must to check out the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max series. Let’s go through the new set of features introduced to these devices,

Apple has introduced a new color as “Midnight Green”, to its existing flagship colors Gold, Space Gray, and Silver.

Figure 1 – iPhone 11 Pro – Midnight Green Color (Source:


The iPhone 11 Pro sports a 5.8” (diagonal) display and iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a whopping 6.5” (diagonal) display. Both the devices have Apple’s new “Super Retina XR Display”. Both devices are also packed with Apple’s native display technologies such as True Tone display, Wide Color Display, HDR display, Multi-touch and more.

iPhone 11 Pro weighs 188 grams and the iPhone 11 Pro Max weighs 226 grams. The iPhone 11 Pro max weighs more because of the larger battery. They have compromised a little on the weight in order to provide a better battery life.

Internal Storage

Both iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max comes with the internal storage capacities of 64GB, 256 GB, 512 GB. As usual, Apple did not provide an option to use an external memory card.

Both of the devices are splash, water, and dust resistant. It is rated IP68 under IEC standard 60529. If you drop it in the water, they can handle a maximum depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes.


The major upgrade to the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the cameras. Apple has introduced a new triple camera system to the devices. This consists of an Ultra-wide lens, a Wide lens, and a Telephoto lens. The new ultra-wide lens is 12 MP with an f/2.4 aperture and has a 120° field of view. The wide lens sports an f/1.8 and the telephoto lens an f/2.0 aperture. All three cameras have a digital zoom up to 10x and 2x optical zoom in and zoom out. Another important feature introduced to the triple camera system is the “Image stabilization”. This lets you take videos and photos without getting impacted by either internal or external shake. It eliminates the need to buy a gimbal for only stabilization purposes. (If you are planning to buy a gimbal with iPhone 11 Pro then go for the DJI Osmo Mobile 3)


The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro max phones will provide you the option to shoot 4K video at 60fps with an extended dynamic range and optimum image stabilization. Currently, this is the highest quality video in the smartphone market. Both these devices support 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps

720p HD video recording at 30 fps, 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps

The ultra-wide lens allows capturing wide landscape images without having to restrict ourselves to a crop. For example, you can capture a large mountain range, skylines, huge architectures without having to step back.

Apple has introduced its iconic A13 Bionic chip for both pro and pro max versions. The A13 Bionic chip provides the capability to perform real-time processing. This new chip consists of six CPU cores and 8.5 billion transistors. A13 Bionic chip is designed to expend less energy than its forerunner. But it still tends to be faster and smarter which allows you to perform tasks that consume power and memory. This intelligent technology also assists in taking low-light photos and videos like never before.

Both models support the following audio formats during audio playback: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital (AC‑3), Protected AAC, MP3, Linear PCM, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AAC‑LC, HE‑AAC, HE‑AAC v2, Dolby Digital Plus (E‑AC‑3), and Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+).

If you are wondering about the battery, then you will be happy to learn that the iphone 11 pro lasts four hours longer than the iPhone Xs and the Pro Max lasts five hours longer than the iPhone Xs Max.


Both models include a lithium-ion battery which is built-in (not removable). The devices also have fast charging and wireless charging capabilities. When considering the battery life this is an extraordinary leap by Apple.

By default, iphone 11 pro and Pro max come with the iOS 13 operating system. It is being described as the most powerful mobile operating system which gives priority to your security and privacy

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Do not ever negotiate the best 8 inch tablet of 2019

best 8 inch tablet

Among the number of options included in a tech device, the screen size has considerable importance. This is not because of the purpose of increasing performances. We know, there is nothing much influence on the power and gaming capabilities by increasing the size of the visual interface or the total size of the laptop or tablet. But, it has a direct benefit on the comfort level. No doubt, if you are a usual laptop or tablet user you would be able to understand this matter easily. If the visual interface is suitable enough to see the letters and characters clearly, while allowing an optimal visual line, it is easy to use. So, earlier, it means before introducing the best 8 inch tablets, people believe six or seven inches device can fulfil all these requirements. But, after using these for long everyone understood the problems associated with too smaller finishing.

At the same time, there is no much different from theses smaller devices when compared to a smartphone. However, the 8″ devices have the ability to fulfil all these needs with an easily portable design. So, do not forget to read below a few lines to know more about the best types of devices.

3 reasons to go for one of the best 8 inch tablets

It is easy to carry

We know the basic purpose of going for a tablet out of a number of similar devices is easy usage. Isn’t it? Definitely, you may have a PC or a laptop as well. But, if you couldn’t bring those devices easily to the places you are travelling, what is the point of owning that much of an expensive device. Yes, sometimes it may give certain benefits over the tablets. But, the things you can do in the outside areas can be limit due to this larger size.

So, we have noticed this device with eight inches interface is ideally fitting with the human needs when compared to all other tablets and other types of computers.

The screen is not too small or too large

Just think, if you are buying a tablet, you will definitely think of having a comfortable usage. At the same time, a miniature design of a PC can provide eye-catching reliable images and characters in a file. But, the screen of the tablet should be in optimal size. If it is too small, it will disturb to your visual pathway. Further, even ten inches of the screen can take your attention away from the visual line. Hence, we identified something in between these two values is the best tablet screen for both the students and workers.

Affordable price range

Since the manufacturing cost is low when compared to most of the other laptops, the 8 ones are the commonest choices for low budget. But, definitely, it will offer outstanding benefits than ten, twelve or fifteen inches devices.

How to find the best 8 inch tablet for Android users?

You can find this type of device through any of the tech company or online stores.

The last lines

Here are the reasons why you have to search for the best 8 inch tablet among the number of other sized devices available in the market. So, we invite you to follow these details in order to enhance your digital experience.

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5 the best iPhone 7 wireless charging accessories in cheap price tags

iphone 7 wireless charging

Do you also an iPhone lover who strictly fond of enjoying the newest inclusions of Apple producers. If so, there is nothing to wonder, everyone who lives in this modern era always eager to enjoy the newly releasing tech inclusions. As Apple is one such great mobile phone manufacturers who have rights to release the newest mobile phones and accessories, they have ranked higher in the list of companies in this category. The iPhone, iPod and iPads are a few fantastic releases of these great tech giants. Further, they have released several kinds of other items to improve the quality of the devices they have released over the years. The iPhone 7 wireless charging pads, adaptors and cases are known as a range of excellent items among them.

A continuation to identify iPhone 7 wireless charging options…

Further, since these tech giants are always willing to keep their rights over their unique releases, if you are eagerly enjoying one of their devices, it is really important to keep touch on this type of accessories. Actually, it is not supporting the other similar accessories which have produced by other manufacturers. So, do not miss the next few lines to be familiar with the best charging options for this type of devices.

The iPhone 7 wireless charging adaptors…

This type of options is known as one of the best ways to fill up the battery in your latest Apple mobile device. Choetech is an ideal option to use as the best choice of adaptors in the current market. Actually, it is so simple to attach this external device into the phone. So, you just have to attach it at the lightning port and then close the backside with the case. Hence, it is easy to use. But, definitely, it will offer powerful results. In the end, you could be able to use your expensive iDevice confidentially.

But, here you may have both benefits as well as disadvantages. Simply, the ability to use the mobile by pausing the charging for a shorter period of time without worrying on plugging is a major benefit here. However, since you cannot use the lightning options when you charging the phone with this kind of adapter, it is known as a major disadvantage for most of the users.

You may use pads type of devices also to charge your iPhone

You could be able to find so many charging options as pads. But, basically, the majority of these pads are not suitable for single use. So, you have to use such pads along with the cases or adaptors. Definitely, you will understand this fact once you go through the description mentioned below about the best types of cases available for this major production of tech giant’s.

The best charging cases an effective battery life in 2019

Now it is very much easy to charge your phones even without an adaptor. So, you just need to apply a case. Since it is moreover similar to a back cover, you will not feel it as an external device. But, you will definitely need a wireless pad to gain the maximum benefit of these cases.

The last lines

It is so nice to experience to explore the newest findings of tech giants regarding iPhone 7 wireless charging options. If you are also eager to find out the best option to keep your battery power in full capacity, do not forget to experience these choices. Further, we will meet you sooner with the next possible steps. So, we invite you to keep engaging with our site to read more on this fact.

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6 Excellent features of Dell Inspiron 15 7000 newest series

dell inspiron 15 7000

Dell is one of a giant company who releases most awesome types of laptop devices. Since it has kept a real-world recording by pleasing their clients over and over the years, definitely it has a larger client base all over the world. The Dell inspiration 15 7000 is one of the most recommending series of laptops in this brand. It is really an awesome device which allows you to enjoy a powerful but smooth operation. So, definitely, it will ease off the time you spend in front of the laptop either at your office or the home. Further, since it is running with the technology of Intel Core i7 processor, it has the highest level the performances when compared with most of the similar devices.

A bit more about Dell Inspiration 15 7000…

At the same time, if you are an owner of this type of device, there is nothing to worry about storage space. These devices originally come with huge space which can deliver a faster service through sixteen GB DDR4 memory. Yes! It has a number of superb features except for these tech inclusions. So, let’s have a brief outlook through all those outstanding options for a quicker review.

Most basic features of Dell Inspiron 15 7000

The outstanding finishing

The dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming device has made up by using extremely strong and original materials by giving extra value for the Dell company. So, it has a beautiful finishing to decorate your office table as well as the studying place at your home.

The real looking edges

We are not telling that this laptop is free of edges. But it contains extremely thinner edges by allowing really a fantastic visual field. So, it creates an excellent screen view rather struggling to watch the things on the screen by neglecting the things around the device.

Has a range of colour options to go through

The great choices always have a few options to provide an excellent experience for everyone who has varying kinds of desires. The different colour ranges of this series are also designed to offer a similar experience by creating excellent packaging.

How the Dell inspiration devices have tested for reliability for the real world

These devices have tested through a few different ways to prove its reliability to use in real-world experiences. Dell knows the way of using the laptop to gain maximum benefits. So, definitely, there should be enough endurance to face for each and every challenge by keeping its excellent qualities.

Well, here are the few varying kinds of tips that the Dell producers have used to prove the ideally fitting nature of these devices with the current world.

The endurance to the heat

As the Dell producers have used extremely powerful materials to design the finishing of their devices, they have tasted the material under 149F to prove its excellency in an extremely higher temperature.

Tested keys of million times

The keys play a major role in a laptop or a PC. As Dell knows it very well, they have tested each and every key over one million times to prove the highest performances.

Heated for the tightly fitted hinges

We know, if you are a frequent laptop user, you may open and close the laptop lid several times a day. That is why we are proudly telling the tests of Dell regarding this matter.

The outline

The dell inspiron 15 7000 is one of an awesome product created mainly to use as an excellent choice of home-based or office-based device. Further, it has a number of awesome features which ideally suited for real-world requirements of this modernist era.

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5 Awesome Games like Roblox for a Wonderful Experience

Games like Roblox

The user experience with Roblox is outstanding in compared to most of the other gaming platforms. actually, it provides an excellent user-friendly interface. Further, it allows you to customise the experience by engaging with other gamers who eager to have similar enjoyment. Thus, you are the in who is going to make your own gaming platform. But, do you know, there are some similar games like Roblox in the circulation. So, do not miss to check these wonderful tools to enjoy your free time beyond the Roblox.

Minecraft is an excellent game like Roblox

Since this is allowing you to build up the surrounding as you dream, it will be a nice place to share your thoughts. Actually, it provides limitless chances to find the best resources to create the dreaming building on the land. So, you may continue whatever the things you love inside this plot. Not only that, you share these with other players in the community and play with them. Further, Minecraft offers around ten maps to build up the playing community. Hence, the player can select whatever the Map they are interesting.

Well, on another hand, the availability of this game for Windows, iOS, Android and many other operational systems, this is a widely used game all around the world. So, you may also experience it for a but different enjoyment beyond the Roblox.

Terasology is also an example of for games like Roblox

Not only with Roblox, but this is also a similar platform to Minecraft as well. So, you may build up your own world in accordance with your thoughts. Then, the gamers in your community who likes to enjoy the features you have build-up will come into your world and enjoy it. But, the biggest disadvantage in here is it’s unavailability for most of the OSes. Actually, you may be able to enjoy it only through the Windows. So, the players who use iOS and Android can not experience this through their loving mobiles. However, if you are downloading it for windows, it is totally free of charge.

So, do not miss this chance to have a try for an amazing game to build up the dreaming world.

CastleMiner Z

This is also a game supported only for Windows devices. At the same time, the developers are not allowing you to download it for free of charge. But, the downloading cost is less and it is only about four to five dollars in price.

Further, since it offers four different game modes for users, it is ideally fixed the game for anyone who needs varying kinds of experiences. These modes include Endurance Mode, a Survival Mode, a Dragon Survival Mode, and a Creative Mode. So, now it is clear that all these differ from each other. Actually, this variability allows users to enjoy it in different ways. Thus, it is sure that if you once try this, you will continue it for long.

The Blockheads

This is an awesome game which you can play with your lovely mobile. It means this is supporting Android and iOS systems. But, actually not fir Windows. We know, this will be a bit bad news for gamers who love to play through their PCs. At the same time, this gaming app is available for free downloads as well.

Fine, it is worth to discuss a little on the gamin style too. First of all, this is not a 3D game and it provides two-dimensional images. So, the user can only see the 2D shape of cubic blocks. The challenge here is to create building through these blocks. Simply, once you destroy the blocks it will turn into a building or you have to create one using the cubic.

Actually, it does not only allowing you to create buildings, once you become an expert you may create forests, waterfall and many more natural creatures as well. So, definitely, this will provide a better experience when compared to other online games like Roblox.

Wurm Unlimited

Even though this is the last game we have selected fro our discussion, it also has the same strengths. Actually, sometimes the weaknesses too. Definitely, you could be able to have the same enjoyment which you can gain through the other few games we have discussed earlier. So, the Windows and Linux users can download it for free of charge to test the things what we are saying.

The last thoughts

The all the things we discussed here are socially designed for the young game lovers. Actually, we would like to say all those are closely related to the Roblox. So, we invite you to try these games like Roblox for similar enjoyment. At last, we are going to keep the end mark for this discussion, but we invite you to keep checking our updates.

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The Best 4K Laptop Review for Future Tech Community

4K Laptop

You may have already heard the word four “K” in varying places. Yes! You might know it is something related to picture quality. But, what else? Actually, like a normal person, there is no much importance to know the technology behind this. Hence, we are only going g to emphasize how it provides high-resolution images on your television. However, definitely, it is good to discuss a little on how to avail the benefits of this technology through modern tech productions. Then only you may be able to utilize the device you owned with a better understanding. So, do not miss a single line which we have noted through proper research to regard g the best 4K laptops. Definitely, it will help you to make the right decisions when you are going to place next purchasing order for gaming or a laptop with high performances.

Well, what the point of waiting too much to move on. Let’s start our discussion at this point itself.

How much the popularity of 4K laptops

The popularity mostly depends upon the user experiences. If the users can avail awesome benefits and pleasure through a product, there are higher chances to win the hearts of the people. So, since this 4K technology provides really an awesome picture quality, people started to love it.

But, unfortunately, we cannot see much popularity of its inclusion in laptops. However, a number of televisions are there with this same technology. So, if you have one such a television, you may be able to enjoy higher resolution images than with others.

So, how amazing it is to own a laptop with 4K tech inclusions? But, when we thinking about such a device, the first-ever question we have to come across is price. Hence, let’s how much will be the average cost per item to make the next purchasing order comfortably.

The average cost of a 4K laptop

Even though the availability of laptops with this technology is limited, there are certain devices introduced by varying kind of manufacturer. But, do not expect to own a this much of devices for less than $500. Actually, the real value of an extremely powerful 4K gaming laptop may exceed at least a thousand dollars. At the same time, it will offer millions worth services for you. Thus, there is nothing to worry about the credits you have to spend on it.

4 the best 4K laptops for gamers and developers

DELL I7577-7425BLK-PUS

This is the most recommended device with this tech inclusions in many places. The reason behind this may be the higher range of personal reviews kept by users. Since they are reviewing it for four or five stars with over the years experience, there is nothing to worry for beginners. Further, the core i7 processor along with higher RAM capacity will offer higher performance as well. Thus, when it combined with all these advanced options, definitely, we can recommend it for our lovely fans.

DELL XPS 12 XPS9250-4554 12.5″

Since this device is coming with the intel core M 6Y57 technology, it provides the best quality performances. So, once all these considered together with four K quality, it can introduce as the best choice of device for expert users. Further, if you are a YouTube or video editor, this will ideally help you to customise your videos.


This laptop with quad-core processor is also a good choice for anyone who is looking for high-quality images. Since the price is also in an affordable range you can easily go for this choice without worrying in your pocket.


If you are looking for a small and cute laptop with high-quality images, this is the perfect one. But, some of the users are not satisfied with the touch screen. Actually, it is not because of a fault. But, we know, it is somewhat difficult to manage this feature for hardworking projects. So, if you also someone like that you simply use the keyboard.

The last line

Here, we have highlighted the facts in 4K laptops and it’s practical existence. So, now you will be able to have a clear idea of whether to have such a device or not. But, actually, if you have enough money to spend on such a laptop, it will be a nice experience for your life. Well, we are going to keep the end mark at this point. However, we will definitely meet you again with another interesting writing. So, do not forget to check our updates. Remember this, we will always offer the best things for your knowledge.

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7 The Best Tablet with Keyboard for the Modernist Era

Tablet with Keyboard

Finding a tech tool to carry out most of the tasks in this modern era is not an easy fact. This becomes more complicated with advancing needs such as tech firms. So, they actually need higher performances and longer battery power. At the same time, they need an extremely user-friendly device too. In here, the keyboard is one of an essential thing. Even though we believing on touch screens as the best tech inclusions, it does not always fit with the long term project. That is why almost all the tech experts are looking for a tablet with keyboards. This is not only allowing you to use it in the easiest way, actually, since the whole pack is lighter than a laptop, but you can also carry it even with your naked hands. Well, if you are a one who eager to see the fact on this, do not miss the next few lines of this writing.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is one of the best tablets with keyboard

This is one of wonderful design which provides almost all the needs for basic tech functions. Especially, the hardware system is the most advanced design in this model. So, the people who eager to enjoy sound qualities and best visual images can purchase this item. Further, since it has choices in between core i5 to i7 with eighth-generation systems, it is ideally words for hard-working projects. In another hand, it has ranges of 8GB to/ and 16GB RAM by allowing the maximum faster-working capacity. Hence, when it comes with a facility to use an external keyboard instead of touch screen and keys, it will further enhance the value for what you spend.

Lenovo MIIX 520 is also a similarly the best tablet with keyboard

If you are looking for a similar design and similar options, but for a low budget than the above one, this is the ideal selection. Actually, it contains almost all the features we have discussed above. Often, the RAM values and the generation of it is owing to are similar to each other. But, this is known as a cheap tablet when compared to the above one and most of the other models. At the same time, it offers a touch screen supporting pen, keyboard cover for free of charge. However, most of the people do not satisfy with the screen size. Since it is not more than twelve inches, it displays smaller graphics.

But, if we consider all the options by thinking as one unit, there is nothing wrong with this model. Actually, the experts are looking for performance than the outlook. Isn’t it?

Acer Switch 3 – A great tool for daily tasks

Since this tablet is not considered as the best item to use in high-performance tasks, often, it is recommending for home-based or office activities. But, actually, it is cheap in price. So, if you are not a gamer or developer, you may use it for daily works. Hence, the data entry functions, basic software usage facilities will allow you to have a nice experience for a reasonable price. Thus, we recommend this item for students, clerks and teachers who need to do basic computerized activities for about six to eight hours a day.

Huawei MediaPad M5 10 & M5 Pro

If you think of having Android tech inclusion, this device will ideally work for you. Since it is enriched with the highest performances which can expect from a similar device and excellent battery power, most of the people loving to have it. Further, the keyboard issued by Huawei suppliers works better to transform this Android system into a desktop function. In addition to all these features, we have noted increasing the positive reviews for this tab within the past few years. So, we believe, it is the strongest evidence to keep trust.

RCA tablet with keyboard

This is also a well-functioning android device. It contains sixteen gigabytes internal memory storage capacity along with seven inches of screen. Since this make creates a pretty look, it will ideally work for your children. At the same time, you may use it for educational purposes as well. However, we are not recommending this device for expert users who are waiting to carry out serious tech projects.

The final thoughts

Since the touch screen has several issues with user-friendly making, the tablet with the keyboard are popular among the youth. Actually, they believe, they can work faster than electrical sensors inside a touchpad. Hence, the developers can continue their projects faster with desktop mode. Isn’t it? Well, today we have given only a few selections, but there are more. So, we hope to meet you sooner with further details. Until that, you may keep checking us!

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Does Small Laptops are the perfect selection – The best Guide 2019

Small Laptops

When advancing the age of technical era, it introduced so many concepts to the world. As a result of this, now we can observe the progressive development of the industrial sector. We know, before nine to ten decades, we did not use any computerized methodologies to carry out day to day activities. So, must of the office works was limit to papers. But, this is totally different in the current world and we could be able to store, send and receive the data to anywhere just by using a tech device. However, after getting used to this system, people started to explore the easiest way to execute these tech inclusions. As a result of this, they found mobiles, larger and small laptops Etc. Thus, now you do not want to stay at one place to use these technical supports.

Since all those are mobile, now you may carry out any of the functions through cyberspace by using a small computer! Well, let’s explore a bit on the best range of small devices to have this opportunity easier than ever.

Mini Laptop Vs Small Laptop!

When it comes to the discussion about small laptops, you may remember the word “mini”. Isn’t it? Actually, is there any difference between these two brands?

No! Both the words “small” and “mini” are used to introduce cute devices. Basically, all those are lighter in weight. So, it has become easy to carry anywhere using a bag. But, if you are looking for an extremely matching device to miniature structure, it should be a device which can carry even though your small pouch or pockets in a trouser. Isn’t it? Yes! It is a nice feeling to have a laptop inside the pockets and listen to music while you jogging.

Further, it is nice to discuss a bit on its screen size as well. Usually, these miniature designs have screen sizes of not more than twelve to thirteen inches. Otherwise, it cannot describe as a small laptop. Is it? But, di not worry, even though it is smaller in size, it contains almost all the input methods such as USB, blue tooth and keyboard.

Well, now you may think, if these are that much smaller, how can it deliver good performances? Yes! It is reasonable to think like that if you do not familiar with the advanced tech inclusion used in this modern era. But, is this actually a doubt? Let’s see the possibilities through the next few lines.

The performances of small laptops compared to larger ones

If I say, the performances of both sized devices are almost similar to each other, there is nothing wrong. Actually, the mini devices are the compact versions of larger sized tools. But, there may be some exclusions with this compact designs. However, it will not affect the expected outcomes of certain projects. Thus, our belief is the performances of these smaller items are still in the highest place when compared to giants. And, we can expect the same range in future as well.

3 The best Small Laptops for 2019

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 – Best Flip 2-in-1

The device is enriching with higher working capacity with more than ten hours of battery power. So, you can carry it to anywhere while using it for nearly ten hours without electrical supply. At the same time, it can be used as a pen drive to run the favourable movie by connecting it for a high-resolution television.

ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR

This is also a highly recommended device with more than twelve hours of battery life. Since the screen size is around ten points one in inches it is pretty than the above device. But, this smaller size has not created any barriers to run even Windows 10.

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series

If you are looking for a device with higher storage capacity, but easy to carry anywhere else, this is the ideal one. But, actually, we do not recommend it for longer period works. This is due to the shorter battery life when compared to the other two devices we have discussed above. Actually, the battery power is effective only for five hours usage without connecting to a power supply. Thus, if you can keep the external battery, this is a perfect educational tool for you.

The outlook

Even though all these devices we have discussed here are smaller laptops, it didn’t impact on the performances. At the same time, it works better for the user-friendly platform as well. Thus, we eagerly recommending these devices for daily use. Especially, it is ideal for educational purposes. Well, we have come to the last point. But, at last, we promise you to meet again with lots of interesting facts. So, do not forget to browse us for updated information.

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NASA Internet Speed – Browse Intenet Before You Think

NASA Internet Speed

Having an extremely higher speed to browse the internet is a dream for all of us. Actually, if there is one such awesome connection, it will ease off lots of burdens in our daily life. Isn’t it. Yes! It is true. We know the current world has changed a lot by connecting each and every person and businesses into one unique network. That is why we call it a Global village. Thus, having a facility to connect faster may help you to update faster. But, unfortunately, we cannot experience this much speed in connecting each other in our daily life. However, do you know there is a place which you can enjoy a really awesome speed? Even you may not be able to imagine how faster it is unless you have experienced it before. It is NASA internet speed.

Will you be able to experience NASA internet speed forever!

We know it is not an easy task to engage with ongoing projects of NASA. You may only do it once you become a permanent employer in this place. So, how amazing it is to have a chance to feel its benefits at least through words. Thus, we believe we could be able to talk to your hearts by creating visual images regarding the internet speed at NASA.

Simply, NASA is known as the world’s best research centre which is conducting studies on space. So, the most intelligent manpower in the world is eagerly waiting to become a part of this massive organization. Hence, unless you are such a valuable brain, you could not be able to enjoy it on your own.

But, keep in mind. This value is more than the speed you can experience in the US. So, even though there are that much of tech experts in the US, even they could not succeed in passing the technology uses in NASA. Or else, they couldn’t grasp the technology included by NASA scientists. If so, it should be really a subjecting point for discussion among the experts who are studying tech factors outside this place. Isn’t it?

So, it will be really an important fact to know how much a speed change is there in this research station and the normal community of the US. Hence, do not miss the next few lines. As it is the place which contains the most vital factors with numeric values, it may help a lot to imagine how faster it is.

The gap between the US and the NASA internet speed

Well, do not overestimate the speed you are enjoying in the current world. Sometimes, you may feel you can connect faster through your workstation than home. Or else, you may feel a certain mobile partner is giving the fastest connection than others. But, actually, the NASA contains the fastest connection.

So, if we take the usual speed at local areas of the US, it is nearly point six on gigabytes. Actually, it may not exceed this amount at any point. But, often, it will reduce further. The data revealed this reduction can be the extent to a thousand times less speed. So, this is the maximum speed you can enjoy at your local areas.

But, NASA will enable you to download nearly thirteen thousand more speed than the usual value of point six. So, can you imagine how much this value? Simply, we can multiply those to have a clear idea. Hence, finally, you will get a value of nearly seven thousand. It means the faster browsing ability will allow you to download around seven thousand GB of data in one second. Wow! Yes, it is that much a faster connection.

Is there any relationship between shadow Network?

The word shadow is always giving us the feeling of our best friend. Isn’t it? It means we feel like it may be always with us. But, here, we cannot just go through this meaning. So, it is a separate understanding and if you use ESnet instead of the word shadow, it may perfectly explain the real purpose of this network.

Actually, the phrase “Energy Science” is denoting by the first two letters of this. It means this is a specific network which has to enable only to a few research stations in this modernist era. Thus, NASA is one such place and there are another a few ranges of similar places which you can find this same speed. Further, people believe this specific network may be the reason behind the highest speed inside this scientific place.

Actually, it is not just a belief. This is the amazing truth that we have discovered throughout this writing.

The outline

Yes! Now we believe there is nothing any secret behind the wonder of NASA internet speed. So, you can imagine how awesome the internet experience if you were at this scientific place. Hence, even though we are going to keep the end mark for this writing, we will meet you sooner with another interesting fact.